The MINI Cooper SE, the first all-electric model in the company’s line-up, showed great promise when it was launched. There were thousands of clients interested in the new car and a lot of them even put down a guarantee to make sure they get one. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus came along just when deliveries were supposed to kick off and MINI’s plans for the electric model were put on hold for a while.

It’s not a secret that MINI sales haven’t been doing too great and the interest shown in the new model gave the Brits a bit of hope to turn things around. We’re still waiting for the situation to develop and, who knows, maybe things will pick up once we get to return to our normal lifestyles. However, as far as the plans MINI has with the car, things look pretty much set in stone. According to the officials, speaking to Automarket, the recipe won’t change anytime soon.

During an interview with company officials, the publication found out that there are no plans for a more powerful model, with a bigger battery. The recipe used for the Cooper SE is seen as adequate, with no use in fixing something that’s not broken. Especially when the current Cooper SE is just as fast as the average MINI Cooper.

That’s been the biggest criticism the new MINI faced so far, with its real-life range being estimated at about 100 miles, deemed by many as too low. However, this car was mainly designed for city driving and as a secondary ride, for daily chores. and that kind of range should be enough for such purposes. It’s a shame that MINI won’t offer a more potent model as I’m sure it would be incredibly fun to drive, if the Cooper SE is anything to go by.