Last year Rolls-Royce confirmed that the current-generation of Ghost will be going out of production soon. A special model was even launched to celebrate its production span. Thankfully, the Ghost isn’t going away for good, we’ve seen prototypes of the new Ghost going around the Nurburgring we couldn’t help but notice a couple of interesting details underneath that heavy camo. All of those are hinting at a new design, one that will take up some cues from the Phantom.

That has always been the case with cars in Rolls-Royce’s line-up. The Phantom is the crown jewel of the range and whatever it gets can also be applied to other models as well. This rendering today from our friends over at Kolesa is pretty close to what we think the real deal will look like. That’s because the Ghost has always been seen as a sort of baby-Phantom and the design reflects that.

On this particular set of renders, that’s more obvious than ever. The front end has the same massive grille and squared off shapes as the Phantom, and even the headlights look similar. The bumper is stern and serious and yet borrows some of style off of the Phantom while round the back, the same overall theme applies but to a different scale. And that’s most likely how the Ghost will shape up.

The bigger question related to the Ghost is related to the powertrain though. Officials have been hinting at a potential EV setup but that’s yet to be officially confirmed. Sources have said, on numerous occasions, that the Ghost could be the perfect test bed for an electric drivetrain setup which could then be offered on other Rolls-Royce models but an official confirmation is yet to be offered. It would be interesting to know what Rolls-Royce has in plan in this regard. Could it just get the same new V12 as the Phantom or a new engine altogether? In the meantime, we should expect the new model by Summer, be it electric or not.

[Source: Kolesa]