While most brands’ claims of being the best; such as “The Best or Nothing” or “Ultimate Driving Machine”; are hollow most of the time, Rolls-Royce’s claim that the Phantom is the best car in the world might actually be true. Its craftsmanship is second to none and its cabin is among the very finest ever fitted to an automobile. The latter of which is a sentiment that seems to be shared by Top Gear, as the Rolls-Royce Phantom recently made its list of the best interiors of the 21st century.

They have a point, too. The Rolls-Royce Phantoms is about as opulent as is possible on the inside, especially for rear seat passengers. Sit in the back of a Phantom and all stress is removed. Its seats swallow you up, its leather is rich and supple and its lambs-wool carpets are thick enough to bury your feet.

Then there’s the fact that it has enough luxury tech to shame a Gulfstream G650. Simply press a button and the door quietly whirs closed. Press another and a gorgeous tray table folds down for you. Press yet another button and a touch screen tilts out to you. So you can either work on your laptop/tablet, enjoy some entertainment on the screen or even enjoy some lunch.

If you get really fancy with the options, you can get a fridge in the back seat with champagne flutes, so you can celebrate your latest arms deal to a Bond villain.

But it’s not just tech gimmickry that makes the Rolls-Royce Phantom so lovely. It’s actually its old-school luxury that does it. The doors close with the solidity of a bank vault, the ride is so supple and the cabin is so quiet it could double as a library and it has power shades to block out the peasants that dare to look inside.

There’s simply nothing like riding in the back of a Rolls-Royce Phantom and that’s why it makes this list.

[Source: Top Gear]