Ask a BMW enthusiast what the best driving M3 of all time is and they’re likely going to say the E46 M3. It’s almost universally considered to be the high-water mark for the M3 model line and for good reason. Its engine is the last naturally-aspirated inline-six to ever be fitted to an M3, its chassis is about as perfectly balanced as it gets and its steering is telepathic. It was and still is an incredible driving car. However, if you want one, you might have to look far and wide to find one that hasn’t been messed with or abused. Though, Enthusiast Auto Group has one that only has 15,000 miles on it. Because of course they do.

In this video, we get to see an E46 BMW M3 that’s so minty fresh it looks as if it rolled off the showroom floor yesterday. That’s a cliché saying in the auto industry but it’s true in this case. Even when they put the car up on a lift, its undercarriage is still coated in the same stuff they used to use at the factory in Garching. So it’s genuinely barely been used and never been tinkered with. Even the control arm bushings are still near-perfect.

This video shows you want it’s like to drive and you also get to hear that magnificent engine. It’s a 3.2 liter free-breathing inline-six with 333 hp and a noise at redline that gives its driver an almost religious experience. That engine paired with the proper six-speed manual is the stuff of BMW dreams.

Now, if you want this car, it isn’t going to be cheap. Not only to EAG’s normal cars cost a pretty penny, this one is going to be especially pricey, thanks to its extremely low mileage and almost impossibly good condition. Having said that, it’s essentially a time capsule and will bring you right back to the glory days of BMW. If you want an E46 BMW M3 and have the money, this car is likely worth every penny.