This is a trying time for us all. Never in our lifetimes has a virus affected the world as much as this Coronavirus has and it’s been incredibly difficult on all of us. As car enthusiasts, we obviously want to get out and drive but so many of us can’t, due to government-mandated lock-downs and quarantines. While the inability to go for a fun drive should be the last of anyone’s worries, it’s still something we miss dearly as gear-heads. So, to dream of better days, let’s discuss our dream road-trip for when this is all over; what’s the first road trip you’d like to take when our lives go back to normal?

For this little exercise, our dream road-trips don’t have to be very realistic. You can pick any car, drive anywhere in the world and do it with anyone you’d like. It doesn’t have to be a car you own, it doesn’t have to be a BMW and it doesn’t have to even be in the country you live in. Though, try and have a bit of realistic restraint, as everyone will all just say we want to drive through Italy in a Ferrari 250 GT California with  their favorite Instagram fitness model riding shotgun. That will get a bit out of hand, quickly.

So I’ll go first, to set the tone, and then you tell us your dream road-trip.

Honestly, as much as I’d love to drive across Europe; start in Germany, head through France and end up at the southern-most coast of Italy; I’d like to take a trip across the US. Something about a pandemic makes me fond of home, even though much of the US is acting a bit absurdly and childishly at the moment. Still, I’d like to take a trip across the US, from my home in New Jersey to the coast of Coast of California and take US 1 through Monterey.

The car of choice? That’s a tough one but I’d obviously want something without a roof, to better enjoy the elements and the (hopefully) clean air. I’d also want something with long legs, something comfortable enough and fast enough to handle thousands of miles with ease. At the same time, I’d like something a bit older, something classic. Not too old, though, as I’d like a taste of modern creature comforts.

So my car of choice would be a BMW Z8. Its combination of stunning looks, a fantastic retro-styled interior (which is tough to do properly), a naturally-aspirated V8 and a six-speed manual is a winning one. Also, it’s more of a long-legged cruiser than a sports car, so it would be more comfortable than something sportier on a long journey. My wife would ride shotgun because I’d be in trouble if I chose Margot Robbie.

That’s my little post-quarantine dream road-trip; a BMW Z8 across the US with my better half. Now your turn.