This is a bit of a bleak time in our modern history. We’re all forced to stay indoors as a pandemic devastates most of the world. People are sick and dying, businesses are closing and employees are losing their jobs. There isn’t much to be happy or excited about. However, that’s exactly why we should remember some better times and take a virtual trip through the Florida Keys with a MINI Cooper SE.

Just recently, prior to the outbreak of Coronavirus, MINI took its new electric car on a road-trip through the Florida Keys, and ended up in Key West, the home of Ernest Hemingway. The trip started in South Beach, Miami with a full charge and gorgeous weather. It’s a 260 kilometer journey, one that the Cooper SE has a total range that can technically cover. However, MINI does charge up along the way, as it would never truly make the entire journey in one charge.


From South Beach, the little electric Cooper SE headed through southern Florida to Key Largo, its first island stop. Highway 1 is the road that connects all of the islands through 42 different bridges and the little MINI Cooper SE crossed each and every one of them to get to Key West, the home of Ernest Hemingway. In fact, the little MINI even stopped off at Hemingway’s favorite bar — Sloppy Joe’s — which has become a massive tourist attraction.

In Key West, the folks from MINI took part in a local tradition, where they all watch the sun set, drink in hand (it is Key West, no one is sober) and all cheer with applause at the natural beauty of the sun finally setting over such a beautiful sight. The scenery is breathtaking and the weather near-perfect and the locals appreciate every moment of it.

So too did MINI and its all-electric Cooper SE. Not only did it explore some of the most beautiful parts of America but it did so without harming any of the stunning environment it drove through.