One of the new vehicles acquired recently by Enthusiast Auto Group is an E28 BMW M5. It’s a 1988 model year with only one owner and just 88,000-ish miles on it. Obviously, it’s a very special car but it’s made even more special by the fact that the lone owner of the car kept detailed, meticulous records of its history. So it’s the exact sort of car enthusiasts want to buy.

In this new video, EAG takes us through the car a bit, some of its details and its history. We even get to see its detailed book, showing its interesting history. If you’re a fan of older M cars (who isn’t?), this is a good video. It’s not as in-depth as the previous EAG video but it does let us see an incredibly fresh, wonderfully well-kept E28 BMW M5.

Personally, this car really gets to me. I’ve never driven an E28 M5 but it’s long been a car I’ve admired from a far and one that I’ve always wanted to drive. I’ve had the chance to sit in an E28 BMW M5 and just sitting in one, without even turning the key, made me itch to drive one. So a car as perfectly well-kept as this one is hugely desirable to me.

But even a car as visually perfect as this one can use some improving. EAG is famous for taking cars that look perfect and making them actually perfect, which is quite remarkable to be honest. They do some of the best work in the country, so we can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like. Although, I might be hesitant to see what the final cost is. Being that EAG’s work is the best, their price tags reflect that, therefore this car will be far too rich for my blood and that will make me sad.