After the now-famous “Youngtimer” video from Chris Harris made its rounds, German cars from the Youngtimer ear of the ’80s and ’90s have become even more popular than they already were. This new video gives us all a good look at a few remarkably well-kept examples of some BMWs from that era, some of which are all-star BMW classics that will make any enthusiast giddy.

The video comes from the Enthusiast Auto Group in Ohio and they restore and sell some of the most incredible classic Bimmers in the US. The work that comes from EAG is some of the very best you’ll find in the world and any car they sell carries a ton of prestige.

Recently, EAG took delivery of some very special cars, which will get inspected and re-sold to new lucky owners. One such car is an E30 BMW M3 Sport Evo and it’s a wonderful example that’s so new and fresh that the thought of  someone even sitting in it and putting their dirty shoes on the floor mats upset me. It’s remarkable how well-kept it is.

There’s also an E28 BMW M5 in the video, which has less than 10,000 miles on it and has barely ever even seen rain. It lived on the west coast and was kept indoors for most of its life. So there’s a possibility that the rain it experienced in Ohio is its first.

Next to the E28 M5 is a stunning BMW 850 CSi finished in Dakar Yellow (pictured above but in blue because Dakar Yellow examples are so rare we don’t have photos of one), which is one of the very best BMW colors in history. It’s a rare car to begin with but this one is very special, as its factory-painted BMW Individual color makes it a bit of unicorn.

ALPINA B10 Sedan

Lastly, they have an E34-gen ALPINA B10 4.6L Touring, one of only four ever made with a manual gearbox. The car was never offered in North America but EAG bought it from a German enthusiast and collector and it looks incredible. It also sounds fantastic, which you can hear in this video.

If you have a soft spot for Youngtimer BMWs, as we all do, check this video out.