With the overwhelming amount of new cars BMW is launching, it’s understandable if some are smaller than you’d expect. In those cases, the luggage space offered might not rise to your expectations and you might look for alternatives. One of them is a roof box in which you can store various things but in order to get one, you’ll need to install railing carriers. Those are actually the transverse bars you see on top of some cars, on which the boxes can be attached.

BMW put together a short video to explain how roof carriers are installed. Even though instructions can also be found in the manual you get along with the roof carriers, having a video explain everything definitely makes the process easier to understand. Before starting, you should makes sure the roof rails are clean so that you can see the spots where the carriers are installed. To kick things off, you need to open up the support foot to get it locked in place.

To do that you need to turn the hand wheel counterclockwise until you get enough clearance. You need to do this on both sides. After that, position the carrier on the roof and align it with the spots marked on the railings. After that you need to lock the carrier in place by turning the same hand wheel clockwise. To make sure you tightened them up right, the wheel will make an audible click at the end.

The process of tightening the hand wheel is similar for both the front and rear carriers. After tightening and clicking, you’ll have to lock the wheel in position. After that all you need to do is cover the hand wheels and lock them up using the provided key. That’s all. Now you can add a roof box and set out in your holiday.