According to some dealer statements, the BMW 8 Series isn’t doing very well in the US in terms of sales, with dealers angry about the situations. In a recent report by Autonews, most BMW dealerships across the US are facing an unwanted situation at the upper end of the model portfolio. To be precise, the 8 Series is the culprit here which tends to accumulate in high numbers, blocking the inventories.

Dealers complain that the reason behind this issue seems to be lack of adequate marketing campaign for the 8 Series halo model. When it was revealed back in 2018, with the Coupe (G15) version the first to premiere, BMW was proud to have revived the iconic 8 Series nameplate.

However, according to the report, marketing efforts haven’t lived up to the high expectations of such a model. Or, at least, not in the US network BMW dealerships.

Another rock in the path of smooth sales process for the high-end 8 Series premium family is the large amount of configurations in which the cars have been sent to the dealerships. There are so many options that it can sometimes be hard to make up your mind which model to go, dealers say.

BMW M8 Gran Coupe in Twilight Purple – Go Big or Go Home!

While that wouldn’t be precisely a big problem, the root cause lies in the disconnection between a relevant and targeted marketing promotion campaign and the amount of 8 Series models that is actually needed to satisfy demand.

This leads to an abnormally high fleet of 8 Series, making it practically impossible to sell the cars so rapidly so that they don’t depreciate too much. Accumulating vehicle of a certain model leads to inventory costs and quite a fast drop in terms of market value, like for a premium model like the 8 Series.

It remains to be seen whether future marketing campaigns change their messaging in order to bring some customers over to the brand. Or, are we simply stuck in an SUV world?