Now that the BMW i3 has been out a while, some things that need attention are popping up. Here’s a simple guide on how to fix a loose handle door on the BMW i3. 

Over time, the BMW i3’s unique backward opening door handle starts to get loose towards the front pivot point. Its onset is rather insidious, and sometimes the passenger side can be worse than the drivers. If this gets left severely loose, the front part of the door handle can come out. 

We put together a short DIY video on the simple fix. Truthfully, finding an E4 Torx Socket was the most difficult part of the whole procedure. You can order a single E4 Torx socket from Amazon.

Or do what I did and run to the local auto parts store and buy a sleeve of Torx Sockets, making sure they go small enough. My first set of Torx at home did not. An E4 Torx head is very very small. 

Open the BMW i3 front door and locate the small round cover the size of a dime parallel to the center of the door handle. This is on the door not the door jamb and is approximately 2 inches in from the outside edge of the door. The cap has a rounded bevel to it, not flat.

Once you locate this, pry it off. I used an interior trim panel tool, but a small angle tipped pry bar or flat head would work too. Just be careful not to scratch the plastic door panel or lose the cap which likes to fly off when it comes off. 

Next, a bright light is extremely helpful. I used my cellphone’s light here to locate the T20 Torx Head Screw. Carefully guide your E4 Torx socket until is engaged and tighten until the door handle feels right.

I did four doors at our DIY and some doors took three turns while some took over ten You shouldn’t crank on it as hard as you can, rather realize it’s an adjustment screw and snug it up till the front of the door handle feels like it has very little play. 

Tools needed:

  • E4 ¼” Torx socket 
  • ¼ Socket Drive 
  • ¼” extension
  • Something to pop the plastic cap off – flat head screwdriver, or interior trim panel tools

Time needed:

  • 5 minutes

Difficulty Level:

  • Easy

Here’s our video: