BMW is committed to an electric future, therefore, they are now introducing an environmental bonus worth 9,000 euros. To get the full amount, one would have to switch from a BMW or MINI diesel with the Euro 4 or Euro 5 emissions standard to a clean BMW i3 as a new car.

The BMW environmental bonus is paired with a state environmental bonus in order to reach the full amount. The total of 9,000 euros will then consist of two parts: On one hand, BMW is promoting the switch from older diesel vehicles to new models with low CO2 emissions with its in-house environmental bonus.

If the new car emits a maximum of 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer, in accordance with the NEDC, and has the Euro 4 or Euro 5 emissions standard, there is an environmental bonus of EUR 3,000.

Next, there is at least 2,000 euros if, instead of a new car, a customer buys a used eco-friendly car. The caveat here is that the pre-owned BMW cannot be older than 12 months and with a mileage no more than 15,000 kilometers.

Because the 3,000 Euros BMW environmental bonus is not offset against state subsidies, an environmental bonus of up to  6,000 euro can be added.

If you want to get the full 6,000 euros, you have to buy a purely electric car with a maximum list price of 40,000 euros, for example a BMW i3. With a net list price between 40,000 and 65,000 euros, there is still a 5,000 euro environmental bonus.

The purchase of a plug-in hybrid is also subsidized by the state. In this case, the environmental bonus is € 3,750 (the car’s price has to be between € 40,000 and € 65,000) or even € 4,500 (up to € 40,000).

In combination with the BMW environmental bonus, a discount of up to € 7,500 can also be achieved for plug-in hybrids. The BMW 225xe Active Tourer and the BMW X1 and X2 xDrive25e remain below a net list price of 40,000 euros.

[Source: Bimmertoday]