Last night, during the latest episode of Top Gear, the usual test pilot for the show, Chris Harris, took the new BMW M8 Competition out for a spin. Harris wanted to see how it deals with the tasks people want modern-day cars to achieve. As usual, their video on the new BMW included a hot lap around the already famous Top Gear track. While we can’t show you what Chris thought of the M8 yet, the hot lap was posted on Youtube.

The new M car comes with the most powerful engine ever fitted to a road-going production car made by the Bavarians in their 100+ years of manufacturing. The S63 4.4-liter twin turbo V8 under the hood delivers 625 PS and 750 Nm (553 lb-ft) of torque to all four corners of the car, making it a true land missile.

The all-wheel drive system does switch off though and can send all the power to the rear wheels. Unfortunately, there’s no info as to which mode was used during Stig’s hot lap.

According to the video description, the M8 Competition was rather unlucky as the track was greasy when the lap was recorded. As we all know, British weather isn’t exactly welcoming for such experiments.

Nevertheless, the BMW M8 Competition did okay given the conditions, recording a lap time of 1:26.2. While this ain’t a record-breaking lap, Chris Harris did point out that the extremely greasy surface and cold temperatures hindered its performance.

As a matter of fact, he estimates that on good weather, the BMW M8 Competition could’ve done the lap 10 seconds faster. That seems like a stretch to me but hey, I guess he knows better.

In the end though, the entire segment about the car was interesting, not just the hot lap in Stig’s capable hands. As soon as Top Gear decides to publish it on Youtube, we’ll definitely share it with you.