It’s literally impossible to discuss the upcoming BMW M4 (or its four-door M3 sibling) without at least mentioning its new grille design. As you likely already know, the next-gen M4 will sport a massive set of twin Kidneys up front, with each one being bigger than the combined girth of the last-gen car’s grilles. This new design has divided BMW enthusiasts into two camps, with some thinking the new design will be fine and others (most) claiming it to be the end of civilization as we know it. However, some new spy photos have just surfaced and there’s more to talk about than just it’s grille. (We don’t own them but check them here)

These new spy photos show off the next-generation G82 BMW M4 testing in the snow while wearing heavy camouflage. While camouflaged, this test mule is probably the least-disguised one we’ve seen yet and these photos give us our best look at its design so far.

We can see that the grilles, while covered, are still massive, thanks to the grille mesh that covers them. What’s most interesting is that, if you look at them with an open mind and try to imagine what two enormous grilles will look like, it actually doesn’t look so bad. The new headlights look great, and are much nicer than those on the most recent F82 M4, and it seems to have some bulging front fender flares to accommodate a wide wheel track. So it looks aggressive and very sporty up front.

G80 BMW M3 Render but You Get the Idea

In profile, the BMW M4 is going to be a very good looking car. Its proportions are spot on and its 8 Series-like design language seems to fit its shorter wheelbase even better than on the 8er. Overall, I think the M4 is going to be one of BMW’s best looking cars, massive grilles be damned.

If there’s one design element on this new M4 that I don’t like, it’s the design of the wing mirrors. The way that top arm connects to the A-pillar looks silly and creates a weird triangle effect that just doesn’t seem to work well with the rest of the car. That’s a minor gripe and the car as a whole looks great.

[Source: Motor1]