BMW i has just announced a contract extension with ABB FIA Formula E which will continue to use the BMW i safety vehicles through Season 6 and beyond. Furthermore, the Bavarians are also launching a new design for the BMW i8 Safety Car.

The partnership announcement took place during an evening event held by BMW i and Founding Main Partner Julius Bär in Mexico City, where the car was also revealed. Guests included Dr. Andreas Aumann, Vice President BMW i Product, eMobility, Pia Schörner, Head of BMW Motorsport Marketing, Jamie Reigle, Chief Executive Officer of Formula E, and Brooklyn Beckham.

The Next-Generation of Formula E is being planned and sounds exciting

Beckham was also responsible for an exclusive photoshoot with the new Safety Car ahead of the race.

In addition to being ‘Official Vehicle Partner’, BMW i also provides the car fleet for the popular ‘BMW i VIP Laps’, the taxi rides on the racetrack that take place during Formula E events around the world. BMW i is also ‘Official Partner’ and ‘Founding Partner’ of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

For the 2019-2020 season, BMW i will provide two safety cars, as a coupe and as a roadster. The Safety Car has been designed by Michael Scully, Head of Design BMW Group Motorsport.

BMW i8 Safety Cars on the track at the Monaco e-Prix

The design carries forward some elements of its predecessor. These include the blue and white corners, crossing over in the style of the BMW logo. From the top, you will immediately notice the asymmetrical layout that provides maximum visibility at high speed.

As with the race car, a non-reflective, matte black cockpit element has been extended to cover the entire area around the driver. Furthermore, colors of the light bar were integrated in the design of the BMW i8 Safety Car. The result is two equally stunning safety cars which will delight the Formula E spectators.