When fantasizing about motorsport, it’s not often that Formula E is at the forefront of the mind. Which is actually a bit of a shame because it’s more exciting than a lot of car enthusiasts give it credit for. It’s obviously not as thrilling as Formula 1 but, then again, nothing else really is. However, Formula E is getting better with each new generation and the latest, Gen 3, is likely going to be the most exciting yet.

The next-generation of Formula E and its cars is currently being planned and discussed by the FIA and is slated to be introduced for the 2022-2023 season.

According to E-Racing365, the Gen 3 Formula E cars will have up to 450 kW of regeneration capability, with electric brake-by-wire rear brakes. There’s actually quite a bit of discussion surrounding regenerative braking for the Gen 3 cars, as it seems to be a focal point of the FIA.

Another interesting change for the third generation of the all-electric sport comes by way of charging. Thus far, during the first two generations of Formula E, the cars don’t charge mid-race. Instead, they have short races and deplete their batteries for the entire race. However, the FIA is now considering fast-charging pit stops. They’d only be 30-second charges but the FIA is theorizing potential 450 kW charging capabilities for those quick pit stops. That’s more than double what the fastest-charging electric cars are capable of a the moment.

The FIA is also considering putting Grade 2 race tracks in the next-generation of Formula E, stepping the tracks up as the cars’ capabilities go up.

We’re actually very excited to see the next-generation of Formula E. It’s only going to get better with each generation. As battery and car tech get better, the racing will get better with it. If you haven’t yet seen a Formula E race in person, I implore you to try it. It’s more fun than it seems and it’s only going to get more and more fun as the years go on.