It seems like diesel engines in passenger cars are definitely on the way out. Ever since the Volkswagen dieselgate, demand for diesels has been on a decline and now, these powerplants are becoming obsolete in certain parts of the world. BMW Australia announced this week that it won’t be offering a diesel engine in the 3 Series range anymore.

It’s not like Australians were spoiled for choice anyway. There was only one diesel engine in the range, the 2-liter B47 4-cylinder mill found on the 320d but now that’s gone as well. If you’re interested in a new 3 Series, the range now kicks off with the 320i, powered by a similar 2-liter 4-cylinder engine but running on gasoline.

According to BMW Australia, the decision to drop the 320d from the range wasn’t made in a hurry or in the recent weeks.

“We studied the market and the needs of our customers and decided to discontinue the 320d,” BMW Australia’s Product Communications Manager, Nick Raman told Which Car. “We also recently introduced the highly specified 320i, which joins the 330i Sedan and Touring, 330e PHEV and M340i.”

Therefore, there are still plenty of models to choose from unless you’re hellbent on a diesel engine rummaging on under the hood of your new car.

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The decision was made because the intake rate of the 320d was pretty low. According to Raman, the turbocharged petrol engine in the 320i has become rather popular over the last few years as the differences in fuel consumption and range have been diminished compared to its diesel counterpart.

“Since we began turbocharging our four-cylinder petrol engines we have seen a decline in the take-up of diesels in our passenger-segment vehicles,” he added. Therefore, if you really want a 320d you’d better check the lots and grab one before they run out completely.