It’s hard to fault the BMW M850i Gran Coupe. That’s not to say I can’t find any faults, as it’s my job as a journalist and BMWBLOG’s resident curmudgeon to find things wrong with even the best of cars. Even still, the only faults I could find with the M850i Gran Coupe were minor, as it’s a wonderfully well-rounded car. In this video review, I talk about the newest Gran Coupe, what makes it so special and what’s wrong with it.

First thing’s first, the BMW M850i Gran Coupe is the best non-M version of the 8 Series. I know its name is a bit confusing; it has an M badge but isn’t an actual M Division car and it has the word “Coupe” in its name but actually has four doors; but despite its nonsensical nomenclature, the M850i GC is the 8er that makes the most sense.

Every 8 Series model is a grand tourer, make no mistake about it, even the M8 Competition. BMW might market these cars as high-performance sports cars but only half of that is true. The 8 Series is a big, powerful GT car and, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. But once you realize that, you’ll also realize the two extra doors and a larger back seat of the BMW M850i Gran Coupe are welcome additions. Not only does its Gran Coupe body style add practicality but it also adds style, as it’s also the best looking 8 Series.

Yet, the BMW M850i Gran Coupe loses nothing by way of performance or driving dynamics. In fact, it feels exactly the same as its Coupe or Convertible siblings from behind the wheel. So it’s just as fast, handles just as well, is every bit as comfortable, yet looks better and can fit more people. Why would you even consider the Coupe? I can see choosing the Convertible for that wind-in-your-hair experience but the Gran Coupe is by far the best overall package in the 8 Series lineup.

As promised, though, the old curmudgeon in me did find some fault and it’s the price of the BMW M850i Gran Coupe. My test car rang in at over $120,000, which is just far, far too much. For that money, there are several cars that are faster, more exciting, more luxurious and/or better looking. One such car actually comes from within BMW’s own lineup and it’s a better car in almost every single way than the BMW M850i Gran Coupe, for less money — the BMW M5. So while I like the M850i GC as a car, a lot in fact, there’s no way I could buy it knowing that the full-blown, intercontinental ballistic missile that is the BMW M5 can be had for less money.