In a new video, BMW M GmbH presents the road to mastering the ultimate driving dynamics in the development phase for its new BMW M2 CS racing-honed coupe and the new BMW X5 M high-performance SAV. The M Division has always been about sheer automotive passion and state-of-the-art chassis and driving technology to help achieve the ultimate dynamics.

In the latest video, the Garching-based BMW performance division explains the main steps of the development process, through which the brand new models achieve perfection in driving dynamics.

The video starts with the introduction into the cold weather testing program, which happens near the Arctic Circle. Here, in Lapland, town of Arjeplog, in Sweden, BMW M GmbH owns a complex testing facility which puts the future models to utmost harsh conditions in the freezing-cold sub-polar atmosphere.

In the Arctic landscape of Northern Scandinavia, temperatures of around -35 degrees Celsius are a common presence, which makes this area the perfect spot to submit the camouflaged prototype to a series of hard endurance tests.

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Also here, engineers are capable to fine-tuning the chassis and drivetrain components of the forthcoming M models under conditions of extremely low degree of friction, due to the snowy-icy road surfaces. The aim is to achieve a maximum functionality of all the relevant system in order to ensure typical BMW M handling and dynamic characteristics in complete safety and controllability at all times, as Christian Flessa, head of Driving Dynamics Systems BMW M, explains.

Mr. Flessa was 100 percent involved in the development phase of the new BMW M2 CS. With every mile covered by the F87 prototypes, he made sure that the racing-oriented M2 achieves pinnacle, top-in-class driving performance and dynamics.

On the other hand, Peter Schmid was in charge of the new BMW X5 M / X6 M testing program, as well as head of Driving Dynamics Systems. He explains that the pre-production on-road development begins roughly 3 years prior to the world premiere of the car. This is a decent amount of time that ensures the new models are tweaked to perfection. Only the complete development of the chassis takes about 2 years to successfully master.

Mr. Schmid is fascinated by the limitless potential and driving resources of the new BMW X5 M (F95), which makes it both unique and the best in its class. Even on low friction surfaces, the X5 M manages to maintain a safe and predictable behavior, in addition to ensuring the characteristic M dynamic skills.

Its top quality, such as the high longitudinal steering dynamics, blends perfectly with the newly-developed M Steptronic 8-speed sports automatic gearbox that ensures smooth and very short shifting times. This also helps preserve the traction potential of the high-performance SUV even on snowy-icy roads.

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The main focus of the extreme weather testing sessions are to push the prototypes to the highest limits in terms of safety, agility and driving dynamics, as to make sure they live up to expectations in real life situations.

In the second part of the video, BMW M GmbH takes us to its testing facility in the Nurburg area, near the Green Hell circuit. This time, the engineers are keen to enhance the chassis and powertrain characteristics of the new models under conditions of high friction and normal weather temperatures.

Here, the lightweight construction of the new BMW M2 CS shows its qualities. The engine hood, center console and sandwich-architecture roof are all made of carbon-fiber reinforced plastics material (CFRP), which ensures a low weight kerb and outstanding dynamics. What’s more, the 6-speed manual gearbox and the M high-performance ceramic brake system enable precise and sharp dynamics, as praised by Christian Flessa.

In the case of the new BMW X5 M, Peter Schmid explains that the development team managed to achieve an outstanding balance between the adjustable damping of the suspension system, the M xDrive performance-oriented all-wheel-drive chassis and the active roll stabilization. These elements ultimately contribute to the masterful stability, high level of safety and unbeatable driving characteristics.

As I no longer want to steal the sheer interest, I invite you to watch the 10-minute video and discover more from the development phase of the new M2 CS and X5 M. Enjoy!