We’ve seen just how fast the new BMW X3 M Competition is in a straight line so far. Ever since the car was launched, people around the world seemed to be fixed on checking out its straight line performance first and foremost. Since this is such a competent drag racing car, people could be tempted to forget that this is, after all, an SUV. Therefore, some people might actually want it to go off the beaten track.

To be fair, chances of someone actually taking a BMW X3 M Competition out for an off-road day are slim, at most, but it would be interesting to see how it would handle it, right? Well, the video below shows us exactly that. The car is being put through some on-road challenges first. This includes standard stuff such as a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint, a slalom and a brake test. All is well, the X3 M Competition posting an impressive 4.05-second dash to 62 mph.

bmw x3 m competition steep uphill 830x429

Then comes the hard part. The car is put through some serious challenges focusing on its M xDrive system for the most part. The roller test comes first and the X3 M Competition passes it with flying colors. As a matter of fact, none of the tests actually ever seemed to make the car ‘sweat’. The video shows it charging at steep incline hills, going both up and down, while also showing us how the X3 M Competition handles a steep side wall.

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The most impressive feat though comes at the end where the X3 M Competition is driven through a series of dunes and has two diagonal wheel suspended most of the time. And even in those conditions it managed to pull through. I am thoroughly impressed by how well the new M SUV seemed to managed these tests. And it’s definitely good to know the X3 M Competition can handle such scenarios, even though they may not ever actually happen in real life.