The BMW X3 M is one of those cars that could be used to explain the current SUV and crossover boom the industry is experiencing. This SUV is so good and so agile that it makes choosing a sedan in its stead a rather difficult task. How could someone go for a 3 Series when the X3 is so damn good? Things are bound to get even better with tuners now dipping their toes into the new BMW X3 M tuning market.

The X3 already has plenty of choices tuning-wise from a wide range of companies out there but as far as the X3 M goes, things are still in the incipient phase. The reason for that could be traced to the fact that the BMW X3 M simply hasn’t been on sale for that long. AC Schnitzer is one of the first companies to work and even present a couple of bits for the high-performance SUV. Understandably so, since AC Schnitzer is one of the oldest tuners to develop parts specifically for BMW cars.

The BMW X3 M with 375 kW and 510 HP now delivers a sportier 441 kW and 600 HP, thanks to the AC Schnitzer engineering. Furthermore, we can catch a glimpse of what seems like a completely new set of wheels, which look absolutely amazing, as well as some carbon fiber add-ons here and there.

The front-end seems to be featuring a carbon fiber splitter right underneath the standard BMW X3 M bumper while round the back there’s a new diffuser hidden between the exhaust tailpipes, also made of carbon fiber but barely visible in these teaser shots. The tailgate spoiler up top also got an upgrade, something I haven’t seen before in any other AC Schnitzer collection.

Also the suspension with the AC Schnitzer spring kit incl. lowering (front / rear: each approx. 20 – 25 mm compared to the standard suspension) ensures maximum control and road holding despite the increased ground clearance typical of SUVs.

For the interior, AC Schnitzer relies on high-quality, easy-grip aluminum accessories: a pedal set with matching footrest, a keyholder and the aluminum Cover Black Line for the iDrive Controller and the aluminum shift paddle set are on the parts list.

For the inside of the wheel arches, tuning fans will also find AC1 Light Alloy Wheels BiColor or anthracite in 8.5J x 20″ with 255/45 R 20 tires at the front and 10.0J x 20″ with 265/45 R 20 tires at the rear.

AC2 Light Alloy Wheels in BiColor or in anthracite/black (front: 9.0J x 22″ with 265/35 R 22 tires; rear: 9.0J x 22″ with 275/35 R 22 tires) are also part of the extensive range of rims and wheels.

Further upgrades for the BMW X3 M are expected in the future from AC Schnitzer.