The BMW M8 Competition is available in three different guises. You have the Coupe, the Convertible and the Gran Coupe models lined-up nicely for every taste out there. There are also, as coincidence has it, the fastest cars the Bavarian brand ever made. Their figures are astounding and some might argue these are proper supercars to some level or, at least, cars capable of keeping up with supercars.

All that performance is impressive, of course, but for some it may not be enough. The guys from Lovecars, a team that includes famous Tiff Needell, took the M8 Competition in both Coupe and Convertible guises out for a spin. This week, they published their review of the cars and somehow found them a bit short on the performance side of things.

According to the reviewer, the M8 Competition models are great but they have to be a bit more hardcore to fit the profile implied by the M badges.

The problem here though is a matter of taste. I’m pretty sure BMW did its homework when working on these cars and they probably arrived at the conclusion that these cars will be bought by a certain demographic. That demographic will most likely be looking for an interesting mix of comfort and speed, and that’s a really hard thing to hit perfectly on the head. Some prefer more comfort while others want more performance and it’s hard to keep everyone happy.

In this instance, the reviewer is part of the latter category, those people looking for a more poised figure, with a harder suspension and better body control. That’s easy to find in a Porsche, for example, but harder to come by in a Continental GT or an S63 AMG, for example.

In the end though, this might just fall under the ‘different strokes for different folks’ category. Check out the review and let us know what you make of it.