People in the Northern Hemisphere are now experiencing a heavy winter. Many Canadians know this very well, as much of their country is cold most of the year anyway but gets worse around December. Even so, the guys from the Straight Pipes didn’t really mind the weather while reviewing the BMW M8 Competition Convertible. As a matter of fact, they filmed the whole thing with the roof folded which, to be honest, is something I would’ve done too.

The thing is, with modern convertibles, you can drive with the roof down a lot more than in the past. Things like air scarfs, heated seats, heated steering wheels and even heated armrests will definitely help out. The only problem you need to face comes from the frowny, judgmental looks people will give you but if you’re not bothered by what others think, you’ll be fine. As for the BMW M8 Competition Convertible, this thing begs for you to drive it with the roof off.

m8 comp winter time 830x420

The M8 Compeition looks so good with its top open and has such a lovely sound coming in from the exhaust, you’ll be hard pressed not to enjoy the open air experience it provides. Admittedly, being cold is one thing but when there’s precipitation in the mix as well (as it is the case here) I think I’d rather stay dry. As for the guys from the Straight Pipes, they don’t seem to mind it. They also are keen to point out the things they don’t like about this car more than those they do like.

I won’t ruin the fun of letting you find out their thoughts on your own but they do mention one thing more often than any other. Basically, they’re saying the M850i is a better deal than the M8 Competition because both cars are so fast, you’ll hardly notice the difference. Are they right? Depends on how you plan on using these cars but if highway cruising is all you’re looking for, they might just have a point.