With the advancement of driving assistants, which are meant to become so smart they should allow cars to drive themselves, using the systems we have today can become a bit of a nuisance. Car makers are adding more and more driving assistants and active safety features to their cars, some willingly, others forced by various laws around the world. Most BMWs today come with Lane Changing warning systems and their level of sophistication depends on the options you tick when configuring your car.

Having driven a number of BMWs recently, I noticed how these systems became more and more complicated. And also a bit more annoying. I, for one, don’t keep every single system turned on. Steering intervention is the most annoying feature, especially since you end up fighting with the steering wheel on a number of occasions. When driving on the highway or on side roads, if you’re just peeking ahead and thus going over the line just a tad to see better, the car’s systems will steer you back into lane, to keep you safe.

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While I do understand the reasoning behind this pre-set response, they can still be a bit annoying. Thus, if you want to turn of steering intervention, you can go to ‘CAR’ -> Settings -> Driver Assistance -> Safety and Warnings -> Lane Change Warning. You can then uncheck the box ‘Steering Intervention’ if you don’t want the vehicle to intervene. This will keep the steering wheel vibration system active though.

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That means, whenever you go over the separator, the steering wheel will vibrate to let you know. You can adjust the intensity of these vibrations in the same menu. You can also set up whether you want the car to warn you about having another driver in your blind spot or when you’re pulling out of a parking spot, about sideways traffic.