Awhile back, we conducted a bit of a comparison test between the BMW 3 Series and the Alfa Romeo Giulia. More specifically, the BMW 330i xDrive and the Giulia 2.0T Ti Q4; the two four-cylinder, all-wheel drive models. During that test, we came to the conclusion that, while the Alfa was ever-so-slightly more dynamic and soulful, the 3 Series was the better overall car. It seems as if we might not have been crazy, as Car and Driver has come to the same conclusion.

In this comparison, C&D makes the claim that the Alfa is the more energetic feeling car of the two, something I personally noted as well. The Giulia does feel more like an excitable puppy, while the 3 Series is colder, more business like. However, as a driving instrument, the 3 Series is the better car. Its steering might not be as hyper-quick as the Alfa’s but it’s every bit as accurate and its weighting is better judged.

BMW 330i xDrive vs Alfa Romeo Giulia Q4 35 of 37 830x467

It’s also every bit as athletic. Prior to the G20-generation 3 Series, the Giulia was easily the best driver in the segment, with chassis dynamics and steering head and shoulders about the F30-gen 3er, the Mercedes C-Class and Audi A4. However, this new G20-gen car has all of the athleticism of the Giulia, it just does so a bit differently.

But the reason the 3 Series stands out ahead of the Giulia is that it does everything else right, while the Giulia stumbles a bit. For instance, the brakes in the 3er are superb, with great stopping power and good pedal feel, while they feel sloppy and soft in the Alfa. The Bimmer as has a better seating/driving position, better materials, better seats, better interior tech and better practicality. While the two cars are so similar dynamically, the G20 3 Series is leaps and bounds better in every other way.

BMW 330i xDrive vs Alfa Romeo Giulia Q4 36 of 37 830x467

So while the Alfa is charming in a way that the 3 Series can’t be, that charm isn’t enough to overcome just how well-rounded this new 3er is. If Car and Driver seems to think so, maybe we aren’t so crazy after all.

[Source: Car and Driver]