At the 2020 edition of the renowned Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, BMW will be showcasing its vision towards the mobility experience of the future. The CES 2020 kicks off January 7th and extends over a period of three exhibition days till January 10th.

The BMW stand at next year’s will gravitate around the motif #ChangeYourPerception. Visitors of the stand will be able to experience the BMW approach towards future mobility by taking part in entertaining practical demonstration and seeing technology put to work in reality.


BMW will exhibit the i3 Urban Suite at CES 2020 as to further demonstrate that the mobility experience can be tailored to suit individual needs. As to prepare for the show, the i3 Urban Suite underwent an extensive interior redesign.

Information is scarce at the moment, as no further details were communicated. Only the driver’s seat and the dashboard are left unchanged from the standard i3. Elsewhere, the cabin of the CES showcar is completely reshaped.

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The front passenger seat has been removed in order to install foot support piece. As well, in the rear, there is only one seat, shaped as an armchair. In the place left by the other rear seat, designers have installed a sort of wood table profile. All in all, this i3 showcar is mainly focused to the ones who love being chauffeured rather than drive on their own.

The whole idea behind the BMW i3 Urban Suite is to create a vision of the future, sustainable luxury shuttles. This special version of the all-electric urban model boasts an extensive use of recycled materials, from the cloth used for the seat upholstery, up to the plastics of the dashboard and the wood ornaments.

BMW will eventually disclose more details on the i3 Urban Suite and other highlights prior to the opening of CES 2020.