I’m calling it right now — the 2021 (G82) BMW M4 is going to be a good looking car. Yes, it’s going to have a large grille, comically large, and that probably won’t look great. However, the rest of the car is going to look great and it’s going to be enough to make up for its two front beaver teeth. How do I know this? These new spy photos show off an M4 test mule that, even while wearing heavy camouflage, looks great. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In profile, this upcoming BMW M4 looks great, actually. I’m a big lover of the new 8 Series but this might look better when it debuts. It’s actually similar to the 8er in profile but its shorter length actually makes it look sportier. It seems to have better proportions than the 8 Series and its window frame and Hofmeister Kink look classic-BMW.

What you’re curious about is its front end, though, right? Well, up front, its face is probably going to be quite shocking but it could be better looking than we’re anticipating it to be. Its headlights are sleek and pretty, differentiating themselves from the chunkier ones of the 3 Series model variants.

This next-gen BMW M4 will get massive grilles, though, as evidenced by these photos. Sure, it’s camouflaged so we can’t tell exactly what the new Kidneys will look like but we can see the panel gap between the hood and the grille surround, which shows just how big the grille trim is. Now add in the fact that the vented parts of the camouflage are each bigger than my head and we have some damn big grilles.

Still, this new BMW M4 will be a good looking car. Yes, it will have a ridiculously large set of Kidney Grilles. But I also think we’ll get over that sooner than we might think and the rest of the car will look so good that we’ll forgive its face that only a mother can love.

[Source: Car Scoops]