There’s been a lot of talk regarding the upcoming BMW M4 and its design. Mainly, its supposed grille design. The new M4, along with its 4 Series counterpart, is said to be getting the same massive grille as the Concept 4, which  isn’t exactly the most loved design. However, having said that, the rest of the new M4 should look quite good. Even in Convertible form, seen in these new spy photos. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

In these new spy photos, we can see that the next-gen BMW M4 will have some seriously big grilles. But we can also see that it’s going to be a good looking car. Even as a drop-top with its roof up, it’s a pretty thing. Its proportions are just right, which is tough to do in a coupe-turned convertible. It looks muscular and elegant at the same time, with its wide rear hips but smooth lines. It also gets a nice built-in spoiler at the back, which looks great.

Obviously, we can’t see much because of the camouflage but we can see enough of its shape to know that it will be a handsome car.

At the back, we see quad exhausts, which is a clear indicator of this being a BMW M4 and not just a regular 4 Series. That means that its powered by BMW’s new S58 engine, which makes 473 hp in its standard setup and 503 hp (510 PS) in its Competition spec. However, we’re pretty sure that the Convertible model will only be available in the latter spec, meaning it will also only come automatic and all-wheel drive.

What I’m personally concerned about, in regards to the BMW M4 Convertible specifically, is structural rigidity. I drove an F82 M4 Convertible last year and driving over rough pavement made it feel as if it would shake and rattle apart. However, BMW has been exceptional at building convertibles as of late. The BMW M850i Convertible is as solid as a bank vault, even with the top down. The new BMW Z4 is even better. So we’re hoping BMW used lessons learned from those cars in this new BMW M4 Convertible.

We’re excited to see the M4, in any configuration, because it’s shaping up to be an exciting car. Hopefully, we see it sooner than later. And hopefully its grille looks okay.

[Source: Motor1]