Driving your BMW plug-in hybrid vehicle in an efficient manner means maximizing your traffic opportunities and getting the most out of the plug-in hybrid powertrain. BMW is currently expanding its portfolio of electrified models and by 2023, it will have 25 such cars in its lineup. Owning a BMW PHEV also means adapting to a more efficient driving style, if you plan to maximize the opportunity of the acquisition.

If you have decided to buy a BMW plug-in hybrid, then you will need to stick to some golden rules after the purchase. In order to optimize your daily drive, make sure to pre-condition your car before you drive off, either in summer or winter. Tick the precondition option in the Climate menu of your BMW plug-in hybrid vehicle and then program the interior preconditioning via the BMW Connected app. This action can save important battery energy for the trip later on.

Eficiently driving your BMW PHEV also means constantly checking the battery charge level and charging as often as possible to make the most out of the hybrid drive modes. The most efficient of all is the HYBRID ECO PRO configuration, which can be activated by pressing twice the HYBRID button on the Driving Experience control panel.

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The HYBRID ECO PRO mode fully optimizes your ride and enables you to drive in a diverse and anticipatory way as to optimize fuel consumption and recharge the battery. For example, with the help of a suggestive symbol displayed in the BMW Live Cockpit, this driving mode tells you when to exactly take your foot off the gas pedal, as to perform the adaptive energy recuperation process which will recharge the battery.

This function is particularly useful when entering a speed limitation zone or when approaching a junction, roundabout or city entrance, because it permit the BMW PHEV to operate in an efficient manner by means of coasting, which recharges the high-voltage battery.

The video below touches on more points, so let’s take a look: