Like most car enthusiasts, we were pretty excited about the launch of the new Land Rover Defender, primarily because it’s finally coming back to America. For those not in the know, the Defender was sold in North America for a few years in the ’90s and that’s it. Since then, American enthusiasts have been hoping Land Rover would bring its famous rugged SUV back to the ‘States. Now, that time is finally here.

At the 2019 LA Auto Show, the Land Rover made its North American debut, offering a chance to the majority of American media to see it for the first time. After seeing it, I’m firmly a believer in the fact that the new Defender is America’s coolest SUV.

As BMW enthusiasts, you might like the BMW X5 M or X3 M more than the Defender, finding either of those to be cooler than the new Land Rover. However, and I say this with as much objectivity as I can muster, you’re wrong.

The new Land Rover Defender is effortlessly cool. Its boxy, rugged styling, extremely customizable off-road kit and overall presence make it so incredibly charming and desirable. If I could afford one, there’s be a Defender 110 (five-door model) in my driveway with the cool ladder option and chunky tires. And I’d be an incredibly happy man.

Sure, the Defender isn’t very fast, nor will it handle all that well. However, it can off-road with the very best off-roaders in the world (and is honestly better than most, if not all) and it just looks so damn good. Its interior is also great, with nice materials, chunky styling and an overall sense of solidity, making it feel like a proper Land Rover.

Also in LA was the Land Rover Defender used to film the upcoming James Bond film, No Time to Die. If you couldn’t already tell, it’s the black one in the photo gallery that has mud and dents all on the exterior, with a stripped-out interior.