In the future, the police force in the Czech Republic will get to use ten BMW 7 Series plug-in hybrids as part of a free rental program. The luxury limousines will not only be used for show purposes, but also used by regular traffic policemen in everyday life. The joint project is designed to last for a period of six months with a 25,000-kilometer planned for each of the ten vehicles.

The current project of renting the BMW 745Le xDrive models continues the very successful loan of 10 BMW i3 electric cars and subsequently the BMW i8 Police Cars as well.

“I am very pleased to continue the cooperation between the Police of the Czech Republic and BMW, which significantly contributes to the promotion of sustainable mobility in the Czech Republic. I believe that the BMW 745Le xDrive luxury limousines will also be a good helper for the Czech Police,”said Ing. Jana Dvořáková, Ph.D., Corporate, Special Sales and Electromobility Manager, BMW Group Czech Republic.

The new plug-in hybrid system in the 745e and 745Le models includes an in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine that has been adapted on a model-specific basis to produce a peak output of 210 kW/286 hp.

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An electric motor with a rated output of 83 kW/113 hp and a rated torque of 265 Nm is paired with the combustion engine. When the driving experience switch is set to SPORT mode, an overall system output of 290 kW/394 hp is available and a maximum system torque of 600 Nm.

The new BMW 745e accelerates in 5.2 seconds from zero to 100 km/h, while the new BMW 745Le takes 5.3 seconds. Meanwhile the new BMW 745Le xDrive reaches the 100 km/h mark from standing in 5.1 seconds. The maximum speed for all three models is electronically cut off at 250 km/h.

So plenty of power and speed to catch the bad guys.