Awhile back, Jalopnik drive a 1970 BMW 2500 across the country, from Washington State all the way to New York City. They did this for a friend who bought the BMW from another friend and the entire trip was documented. Why was it documented? Because the car was in hilarious condition and they weren’t sure if it would make it the entire way. In this video, we get to see the car in question up close and learn why it was such an interesting journey.

While it was questionable whether or not the BMW 2500 would make the trip in one piece, it actually ended up doing it. Not only did it complete its journey but it did so without issue, for the most part. There may have been some minor inconveniences here and there but, by and large, the old Bimmer was tough and reliable.

In this video, we get to see that much of the car is quite makeshift. There are tons of homemade fixes throughout the car, such as the red wire under the hood that starts at the battery and leads to who knows where. There’s also the fact that it has seats from an unknown Acura, it lacks a radio so a makeshift box was fitted to plug phones into for music and the speedometer doesn’t work so fill ups must be timed with maths,

BMW 2500
A BMW 2500 (Not Jalopnik’s)

From the outside, it actually doesn’t look bad. For the most part, its exterior looks pretty good for a car of its age. Its interior is in shambles, though, and it needs a lot of work. Sure, some roughness around its edges gives it character but this specific BMW 2500 has enough character that it could get some interior fixing and still be interesting.

However, despite all of its oddities, the old BMW 2500 is a champ. Old BMW engines are tough as nails and this one is no different. Even if it is a bit slow. Still, it’s a really cool car and one we hope gets the love and attention in deserves (and desperately needs).

[Source: Jalopnik]