For BMW enthusiasts, the Z3 M Coupe is the stuff of legends. Us weirdos love the BMW Z3 M Coupe despite the fact that it looks like one the Joker’s clownshoe. And I don’t mean the cool Heath Ledger Joker, I’m talking the overly pretentious and annoying Joaquin Phoenix Joker. The reason we all love it is that it’s great to drive and hilariously exciting. But is it good enough to convince a car enthusiast that isn’t exactly a BMW enthusiast that it’s worth its odd looks?

In this new video from JayEmm on Cars, we take a look at the BMW Z3 M Coupe from a car enthusiast that isn’t specifically a BMW enthusiast. It’s interesting to hear someone with an unbiased car opinion talk about such a unique BMW. Because Bimmer-philes sort of unanimously praise the Z3 M Coupe while completely overlooking its faults.

JayEmm (James Martin) seems to actually think it is worth its oddball styling. It’s a fun car to drive, with an excellent engine and compact size. It’s also still punchy, despite being two decades old, and makes a great noise. However, it’s not without its faults.

The five-speed gearbox is welcome, especially in a day when manuals are dying, but it’s not the best to use. The actual gearchange isn’t great. But it’s not horrible and if you’re patient with it, it’s fine. Though, the interesting bit is that he isn’t actually in love with the steering. That’s sort of the calling car of BMWs from that era.

Still, it’s overall a very fun car to drive and its weird looks actually grow on you after awhile. Plus, it’s very rare, making it a special car to own. Sure, prices are a bit ridiculous for the BMW Z3 M Coupe at the moment but it’s likely to continue to appreciate, so it’s probably a good investment. Considering that potential appreciation, fun-to-drive characteristics and rarity make it a cool car to own. Even if it’s weird looking.