The BMW 4 Series is getting closer by the minute. Now that we’ve seen the concept previewing the production model, it’s only a matter of months until the new Coupe makes its appearance in all its glory. BMW has been taking steps to further differentiate the Coupe model from the 3 Series, giving the two cars very distinctive looks.

To that end, the Concept we’ve seen recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show looked very different to the current 3 Series. Even though technically the two cars are very close under the sheet metal, on the outside there will be plenty of differences once the 4er comes out.

According to sources, the new Coupe will also feature some exclusive choices on the tech side of things. The most important will be in the M Performance range, namely the M440i.

We’ve known for quite some time now that there will be an M440i model coming out, in similar fashion to the M340i. Both cars will use the same B58 engine. However, sources say that unlike the M340i, which is offered in xDrive guise only in certain markets, the M440i will be offered in both AWD and RWD guises globally. Right now, you can get a RWD M340i in the US but other countries are not so lucky.

That might not be the case with the M440i though, which is good news for the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, the manual is still dead and, right now, it seems like we’re stuck with the 8-speed automatic as our only choice. Leaving that aside, the M440i is shaping up to be quite a great car. Plenty of power and RWD with a straight six under the hood is what made BMW famous in the first place.

It’s nice to see the Germans are still trying to appease its fans by diversifying the range.