It’s Monday and that means a new episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast is now live. In Episode 2, I talk about some interesting, and possibly polarizing, topics and we’re really excited to share it with you. Obviously, it all starts with the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe, though, as that was the headline of last week.

The all-new 2 Series Gran Coupe is a car that’s been incredibly polarizing among the enthusiast fanbase. So we had to start the discussion there. So I get into its styling, drivetrain and what it means for the brand moving forward. It might not be a car that we love, or even like, but it’s one BMW probably had to make.

After that, we move onto some of BMW’s other new cars, such as the new BMW M8 and 8 Series Gran Coupe. We know those two cars are quite beloved by enthusiasts, so it was fun talking about them and their places in the market.

I also touch on the new C8-gen Corvette, which I find to be a really interesting car. Not just the car itself but its place in the industry, now that it’s moved to a mid-engine layout. Like it or not, the new ‘Vette is one of the most important performance cars of this generation.

At the end, as promised, I answer questions about the new BMW Z4. Previously, I was making specific videos to answer questions about each car I test drove. However, we’re moving that format over to the podcast because its A) easier and B) its format is a bit better suited for answering questions. So for each and every test car I drive, I’ll be answering questions about it in the podcast episode to follow.

We’re excited about our new podcast and we should have some guests on to chat with us very soon. As much as you might love to hear my nasally voice (sarcasm font), it’s going to be fun to have some other guests on to talk to. So please have a listen.

You can expect a podcast episode from us each week and you can find each episode almost anywhere you can find podcasts. So AppleGoogleSpotifyStitcher and Radiopublic. We’ll also be taking email questions that we’ll answer at the end of each episode, so shoot us questions at