So I apologize about the lull in test drive questions. We’ve been quite busy with test drives, press launches and, most importantly, trying to create some new content platforms. That last bit is most important because it’s changing where the questions for our test drives will be answered from now on. While I was previously answering questions in a specific video for each car, in this case a BMW Z4, I will now be answering them in our new podcast.

At the end of each podcast episode, we’ll answer any questions you ask (or as many as I can get to in a reasonable time-frame) and will make sure to answer questions about the cars we test drive. So shoot your questions over to and those questions will be answered at the end of the next podcast episode.

BMW Z4 M40i San Francisco Red 18 830x553

Now that that’s over with, let’s talk about the car(s). I’ve been driving the new BMW Z4 for almost two weeks now, to be honest. First, I had the chance to test the Z4 M40i for a few days but a tire issue actually limited my time with it and I had to bring it back to BMW (thanks to whichever journalist shredded the Michelin Pilot Sport tire before me). So BMW kindly switched the M40i out for a Z4 sDrive30i while the former gets some new tires fitted. I’ll soon be bringing the sDrive30i back to BMW and jumping back in the BMW Z4 M40i for a few days to finish my test.

So I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the Z4 as of late, driving both models offered in North America, giving me quite a good grip on the brand’s newest roadster. So I’m quite well-equipped to answer any questions about the new Z4.

Here are the specs of the cars, so you don’t have to ask any spec-related questions. The BMW Z4 sDrive30i (which I’m currently driving at the moment) has an M Sport package, wears San Francisco Red paint, has Ivory White leather interior and 19-inch orbit grey wheels. It also has the Executive Package and a heated steering wheel. It’s quite a lovely spec, if I’m honest and I think San Francisco Red might be the best Z4 color. Powering the Z4 sDrive30i is a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-pot making 258 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque.

BMW Z4 sDrive20i M Sport Package in Misano Blue Metallic 31 830x553


As for the BMW Z4 M40i, it wears Misano Blue paint with an Ivory White interior and 19-inch wheels, as well. It also has an Executive Package and is about as loaded as it gets. Under its long hood is a 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 with 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.

So those are the two different Z4s I’m sampling over the next couple of weeks. Please shoot me any questions and they’ll be answered in the next podcast episode, which will go live next week.