Not just a spy shot, the BMW M8 MotoGP Safety Car has actually hit Bangkok streets and racing tracks in Buriram even before its commercial debut next year. Based on the BMW M8 Competition, the high-performance automobile had already hit Bangkok streets, along with iconic fleet of Tuk Tuk, in old town area for a teaser to promote the first MotoGP in Thailand.

Watch how the spearhead led a fleet of racing bikes on Bangkok old town streets against the Giant Swing, passing iconic Tuk Tuk and street food in the teaser.

It has became the tradition for BMW to provide Safety Car fleet at the official MotoGP since 1999. Every MotoGP will always see BMW MotoGP Safety Car as the lead.

The BMW M8 became the highlight at Thailand’s first ever MotoGP at Chang International Circuit in Buriram in 2019.

The BMW M8 MotoGP Safety Car was unveiled in August, before the current MotoGP season kicked off. This is the first ever MotoGP Safety Car to wear the M8 badge and is based on the Competition model. The car features a lot of kit that is also otherwise available for standard, road-going cars. They include all the M Performance add-ons you can think of, from the titanium sport exhaust, to carbon fiber aero tweaks and even M Performance decals, everything’s included.

On the more technical side of things, the M8 MotoGP Safety Car has a motorsport lock for the hood, a fuel suction pump, battery master switch, flashing corona headlight rings, LED lights on the roof, LED flasher in the front grille, RECARO racing seats with Schroth belts, a roll cage, a fire extinguisher, Michelin Cup tires, BMW M8 GTE rear wing, MotoGP livery, customised carbon flaps and a light control panel.

Combined, they create one hell of a powerful look for the M8 and the video embedded here definitely conveys that.