The majority of complaints hurled at BMW and its range (if you can call it that) of electric cars are aimed at their range, or lack thereof. Compared to brands like Tesla, Jaguar and Audi, BMW’s electric and hybrid offerings have lacked in the range department. However, that seems as if it’s about to change with the upcoming BMW iNEXT, which is targeting a 360 mile range.

According to this new report from Auto Express, the BMW iNEXT is looking at a WLTP-rated 360 miles (580 km) of maximum all-electric range when it finally debuts. While there’s no guarantee that it reaches that lofty goal, and even if it does it will be rated at less by the US EPA, even if it falls a bit short it will have an impressive range.

We don’t know a ton about the BMW iNEXT but we do know that BMW is throwing everything it has at the upcoming electric car. And that’s not just electric range, either but autonomous technology as well. When the iNEXT finally makes its debut, it will be the most high-tech BMW yet and it will have the absolute best tech the brand has.

It won’t actually hit the road until 2021, which is still quite a long time from now, so that 360 mile range might not be at the top of the segment by that time. However, it’s still a huge number and will give customers to use it like they would any internal combustion engine car; without worry or range anxiety.

Many BMW fans mock the iNEXT for its boring styling and lack of driving enthusiasm. However, the BMW iNEXT will be an important car for the brand, as it will kick off its move into an electric and autonomous future. While that might not sound too thrilling to car enthusiasts, who’d prefer tire smoke and exhaust noise, it’s an important step for the brand’s future.

We won’t know for sure how far the iNEXT’s range is for some time but, as we now know it, the Bavarians are targeting a very impressive 360 mile range.

[Source: Auto Express]