BMW has just taken the automotive world by surprise with the all-new BMW Concept 4 Series. The new concept previews the next year’s BMW 4 Series Coupe and is one of the most daring designs we’ve seen in a while. Although it’s only a concept, BMW says the BMW Concept 4 Series is 85 per cent representative of what the production-ready 4 Series will look like.

The most notable aspect of the Concept 4 is fairly obvious: the grille. The oversized iconic kidney grille takes things to a new level and it now fits the entire lineup of new enlarged grilles – from the X7 to the 7 Series.


According to BMW’s press release, these new monster vertically-opposed grilles harken back to cars like the original BMW 328.

Surrounding the massive nose of the Concept 4 are new headlights, which are much slimmer and more sharply styled than those of the outgoing 4 Series. They feature a unique design and don’t sport traditional headlight covers.


Out back, the taillights each house a single fiber-optic element that creates the now-class L-shaped design, featuring a “heartbeat” graphic. It also gets some vertical vents and a large rear diffuser, which both add some sportiness to the back end of the car.

The wheels are 21-inches and act as a unique take on a traditional five-spoke design. The front of the wheel features heavily polished five “open” spokes, while another sort of five-spoke design sits further back with a textured effect.

Since this is a concept, BMW took some liberties specific to a one-off. Take the side mirrors, for example. They are razor thin, with aluminum on the lower portion.

More interestingly is the fact that the BMW Concept 4 Series hints at what’s to come from the BMW i Division -specifically the BMW i4 in 2021. The new EV will feature a similar design.