For awhile, the only spy photos of the upcoming 4 Series we were seeing were of the Convertible. We’re not sure why BMW went heavy on the ‘Vert testing before the Coupe, or maybe the Bavarians were just more secretive of the Coupe’s testing, but it doesn’t matter anymore. More and more spy photos of the next-gen 4 Series Coupe have been surfacing and the latest ones are of the highest-performance version — the BMW M440i. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

Just like the BMW M340i, the M440i will be the M Performance variant of the 4 Series lineup and the flagship model. That is, until the actual BMW M4 gets here. Until then, though, the BMW M440i will be the fastest, most exciting 4er you’ll be able to buy. Which is why seeing some spy photos of it is rather exciting.

The spy photos themselves aren’t super interesting but it’s always good to see the upcoming 4er ahead of its reveal. It’s shaping up to be a handsome car, this 4 Series. What’s interesting is that, with the past generation, the 4 Series has always looked like a two-door 3 Series. Because, essentially, it was. Now, though, BMW has sort of given the 4 Series an 8 Series-lite look. It has different headlights than the 3 Series, seemingly different taillights and an overall that looks more like the brand’s flagship coupe than anything else.

That can indicate that BMW is turning the 4 Series more into a grand-touring car than a sports car. Which actually makes a bit more sense than making it the sportier 3 Series. That role should go to the 2 Series Coupe and it will. So this BMW M440i could be looked at as a sort of budget BMW 840i, which is actually kind of cool if you think about it that way. Either way, we’re excited to see what becomes of the new 4 Series.

[Source: Car Scoops]