When the original BMW 4 Series concept debuted, it was basically the final production car with a couple of interesting concept car-style tweaks. Now that the new BMW Concept 4 is here, it’s a bit more of a real concept than the previous car. So let’s take a look at the styling of both cars and look at the differences.

The original 4 Series Concept is far more production-ready, which is quite obvious after the fact. Now that we’re accustomed to the current F32 4 Series, the original concept looks exactly like the production car it preceded. Whereas the new BMW Concept 4 is far more radical, looks much more like a traditional concept car.

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The obvious differences are up front. While the original 4 Series Concept had pretty normal looking BMW grilles, the new Concept 4 has Kidney Grilles that looks like they’ve been pulled off an X7. They’re comically large and take up the entire front end of the car. In fact, they’re the sort of grilles that most BMW enthusiasts feared BMW would make. Of course, this is just a radical concept, so the production car likely won’t have grilles like that but it’s still quite shocking.

In profile, the original car is a handsome car but it’s one we’ve see for years now. However, the new BMW Concept 4 is great looking. Its proportions are near-perfect, with short overhangs, muscular rear haunches and a sleek, sexy profile. Its lack of a proper Hofmeister Kink is a bit disappointing but it’s mostly great.

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Out back, it’s actually sort of interesting to see how the new Concept 4’s taillight design looks like familial evolution of the old car’s. It also looks better than the original, with a bit of a ducktail spoiler built into the trunk. It also gets vertical air vents and an aggressive rear diffuser.

Overall, the new BMW Concept 4 is the prettier car of the two but it has some worrisome aspects, such as its monstrous Kidney Grilles and Infiniti-inspired Hofmesiter Kink. Still, there’s some real promise here for the next-gen 4 Series to be genuinely great looking.

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