At the media launch of the new BMW M8 Coupe, we decided to take a closer look at the undercarriage of the new M8. To highlight some of the tech features of the BMW M8 Coupe, we paired up with Christian Muller, Head of Project M8.

According to BMW, the M8’s double-wishbone front suspension and a five-link rear axle have been designed with bespoke kinematic and elastokinematics, unique from its other 8 Series siblings. It’s also been given a stiffer anti-roll bar at the rear and both a steel X-brace and an aluminum transverse strut, for increases rigidity.

Furthermore, BMW M has given the M8 Competition increased camber at the front axle, toe-link ball-joints instead of rubber bushings and even stiffer engine mounts. All to increase stiffness and chassis communication. Adaptive dampers are as-standard equipment on both cars, with the usual Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus modes.

Behind the wheels, we can see the new integrated braking system that’s essentially a two-mode brake-by-wire setup.

The BMW M8 also features an Active M Differential which is standard equipment at the rear axle. The e-diff can lock anywhere between 0-100 percent in milliseconds and is essential for keeping is rear end in check.

Other cool things found underneath the BMW M8 are the extra cooling vents for the large battery found in the trunk, additional engine oil cooler and transmission oil cooler, aluminum housing for the differential, large exhaust pipes, specific wheels for the Competition models, optional carbon ceramic brakes, and much more.

Without any further ado, please take a look at the BMW M8 undercarriage posted below. It’s only about 9 minutes long and it’s likely a premiere in the world.