There were only 6309 BMW 1M units built for the world and now one of them is joining an auction house in the UK. According to the listing, the 2011 BMW 1M in Valencia Orange has only 90 miles on the odometer and one family owner. This 1M is also one of the 450 ever sold in the UK which makes it even more special.

Furthermore, the ad says the BMW 1M was bought from BMW Park Lane and the vendor states the car was used to launch the model in the UK at the Park Lane showroom.

To maintain its pristine state, the car has been stored underground and away from the elements since purchase. It also has over £5,000 in spec alone and a full service history.

The auction house expects to fetch between 60,000-70,000 British Pounds for this 2011 BMW 1M.

Even before it launched in 2011, BMW 1M was sold out at most dealerships across the country. And in places where units were still available, outrageous MSPRs were being thrown around, north of $10,000 over the normal price in some cases.

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BMW was originally going to release the 1M as a limited production model of 2,700 units. Then due to overwhelming demand, the company lifted the cap and produced a total of 6309 cars until production ended in June 2012. Nevertheless, production of the 1M Coup stopped in June 2012, with 740 units sold in the US and a further 220 sold in Canada. Total 6309 cars sold worldwide.

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Under the hood, the BMW 1M is powered by the twin-turbocharged 3.0L N54 inline-six and 6-speed manual transmission. It also employs a series of parts from the E92 M3 which helped give the car a very raw driving feel.

To this date, the BMW 1M is one of the most coveted BMWs on the secondary market.