We’ve known that BMW was planning a more luxurious, more powerful version of the X7 SUV for some time now. While we didn’t know exactly what it would be, we knew that something packing a bigger engine and even more opulence was in the cards. Now, though, we may have a taste of what’s to come thanks to a leaked image of a digital instrument panel for a BMW X7 M60i.

A member of Bimmerpost was recently digging through some ECU codes of an X7 and stumbled upon a logo for a BMW X7 M60i, a car that hasn’t actually been announced yet. Not only that but this member was able to get the logo onto the digital instrument panel of the X7, showing that BMW even went far enough to create one.

If this is a hint of what’s to come, it could mean that a V12-powered M Performance version of the X7 could be in the works. BMW has said that the V12 engine is destined for the scrap bin, as emissions regulations have made it difficult to make. However, the Bavarian V12 could have one last hurrah in a BMW X7 M60i.

Now, if such a car is made, we’re not sure if it will be the uber-luxurious X7 that’s been rumored, a car to take on the upcoming Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600. Instead it might just a high-performance model to take on the Mercedes-AMG GLS63. Either way, a BMW X7 M60i would likely be the most expensive and luxurious car in the brand’s lineup.

Obviously, without knowing anything official about the car, or even if it will exist, it’s impossible to know for sure if it will have a V12 engine. But the “60i” moniker is a good hint, as BMWs with “60i” at the end of their names have often had V12 engines stuffed under their hoods.

Don’t forget about the upcoming ALPINA XB7, either. That will also be an uber luxurious X7 variant but will have a twin-turbocharged V8 under its hood, the very same one that powers the ALPINA B7. So the BMW X7 M60i might actually be a bit more “performance” oriented, with the ALPINA being the more luxurious car.

This is obviously all speculation, as we don’t have any concrete information, but it’s interesting to see this screen logo, as it hints at the existence of an X7 M60i somewhere in BMW’s plans.

[Source: Bimmerpost]