BMW 5 Series will also get an illuminated Kidney Grille

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2020 BMW X6 exterior design 08 830x553

Awhile back, when the new BMW X6 was first announced, BMW revealed that it would be offering illuminated Kidney Grilles on the massive SUV Coupe. It was an option that was met with some mixed reactions; some enthusiasts found the idea to be fun and some found it garish. Turns out BMW feels that it’s worth keeping around though, as the brand is going to be offering the light-up grill on the 5 Series.

According to a client adviser at a BMW dealership in New Hampshire, who recently posted to Bimmerpost, the 5 Series will be getting the “BMW Iconic Glow Kidney Grilles” as an option.

2020 BMW X6 exterior design 07 830x553

If this is accurate, which seems to be, it’s a ridiculous name for an already silly option. However, it’s something we see selling quite well. BMW isn’t the first brand to offer illuminated grilles. Mercedes-Benz has been offering an illuminated three-pointed star for years now and I see a surprising amount of them on the road. Admittedly, I live in New Jersey, where gold chains and chest hair are equally common sights. So gaudy and garish is kind of our thing.

For any BMW 5 Series customers that want the option, it will set them back $614 dollars and another $39 for an “Iconic Glow Button”. That’s a lot of money for some LEDs in the grille but bling isn’t cheap, I guess.

The glowing grilles can be installed both on brand new cars as well as already used ones. The only difference will be the warranty. If the option is installed on a new 5 Series, it’s warrantied with the rest of the car. If it’s installed after the car has already been delivered, the accessory warranty lasts for two years after the purchase of the option.

It will be interesting to see how many BMW 5 Series customers opt for the glowing grille option. I’m assuming it’s going to vary by location. Which means I can look forward to seeing a lot of 5 Series grilles illuminating some hairy gold chains in the very near future.

[Source: BimmerPost]

11 responses to “BMW 5 Series will also get an illuminated Kidney Grille”

  1. raleedy says:

    “Which is seems to”? I wish you guys would just read your text over before publishing garble.

  2. heat_fan1 says:

    Can we put away the illuminated badges and grills? That means you, BMW, Mercedes, and Lincoln. Just walk away. They don’t look good!

  3. jason bourne says:

    And how does this improve performance?

    One of the many silly, superficial add-ons to an automobile.

  4. Rev Mike, Esq. says:

    This has been available for a while. It’s been listed in the ETK since the March update.

  5. Giom says:

    Too much hate here, just too much! Sad, it makes me.

    • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

      Smart brand attracts ignorant typists. 1st time I saw 330i with illuminated door handles @ night, looked like a UFO had landed. Also functional. With this, no one will be able to complain about not being able to find their vehicle in the parking lot @ night, like hockey stick in daylight.

  6. Giom says:

    On a more positive note… how amazing does this new X6 look! Love that front page pic.

  7. disqus_hiF7NvKYKq says:

    A bit early for an April fools joke! BMWs now a Tokyo by night inside and out. How about some day glo artificial green or orange fur on the dash perhaps. How BMW’s user target market has changed.

  8. Georg Halder says:

    The word has been officially out since March 28th. Why is it still handled like it’s a rumor??

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