You might’ve noticed that, even though the G05 BMW X5 has been out for almost a year now, there’s still no M version around. The reason for that might very well be linked to the X6 model, which is also scheduled to get an M alternative. Since revealing the X5 M would also tell us exactly what will hide under the hood of the X6 M, things got a bit delayed. There’s no reason for that anymore though, as the X6 is out in full now.

BMW X6 M2 830x467

The car was unveiled not long ago and took the world by surprise with the different approach used by BMW. Instead of making it larger in every way, the German car maker decided to enhance only certain aspects of the car. As a result, we now have a wider and longer X6 than before, a move probably aimed at improving the driving dynamics above all. We didn’t get to drive the new X6 yet so we can’t really say if that worked or not.

The rendering at hand here though is showing us how the X6 M will shape up. Unfortunately, it’s just the front-end but it was done rather accurately with one exception: the air intakes. The problem is they house LED fog lights and that’s just something that the M division doesn’t do. The previous generation X6 M does have circular fog lights but they are not inside the air intakes. It’s a small detail though and, considering the changes BMW is going through right now, maybe X-Tomi Design knows something we don’t and we’ll actually get to see this exact design take off.

There’s no way of being sure but the rest of the car is pretty accurate. The large center air intake at the bottom of the front bumper, the blacked out kidney grilles, the side mirrors and even the wheels look just right. I also would’ve liked a gill on the front fenders, with the M logo, a trademark of M cars created along the years. Nevertheless, this is one of the best attempts at rendering the upcoming X6 M yet and we can’t wait to see the real deal which is bound to show up later this year.