At the moment, Tesla is the EV-darling, especially in terms of performance. While the Model S P100D might not be the best performance EV in the world, it’s certainly the most popular by a huge margin. However, that might soon change, as the upcoming Porsche Taycan is on its way and Johnny Smith from the Fully Charged Show recently had an exclusive opportunity to drive it. And it seems mightily impressive.

If you aren’t in the know, the Porsche Taycan is going to be the brand’s first all-electric performance car and it’s on its way quite soon. It will use two electric motors, one at each axle, to give it full-time torque vectoring all-wheel drive. It will also have over 600 hp and 800-volt charging capabilities.

The reason why we’re bringing this up is because the Taycan is likely going to become the new EV benchmark, the car by which all other performance EVs are measured. So when BMW debuts its future electric performance cars, enthusiasts are going to wonder how it stacks up against the Porsche Taycan.

With that much power, the Taycan is capable of 0-60 mph in just a touch over three seconds. Now that’s not as brutally fast as the Tesla Model S P100D in Ludicrous mode. However, the Porsche does have a very distinct advantage. It can do that 0-60 mph sprint, with the same results, over and over and over again, without issue. Do it more than once in a Tesla and it waves a white flag, asking you to stop for fear of damaging the batteries. Not so with the Porsche Taycan, which can do that same brutally fast sprint all day long, without damaging its batteries. Why? Because it’s made properly.

In this video, Johnny Smith seems seriously impressed with the Taycan and he knows a thing or two about electric cars. While we don’t get a great look at it, because it’s still covered in a ton of camo in this video, we do learn enough about it to get excited.

When it comes out, the Porsche Taycan will be one of the very most exciting cars on the market and one of the very most impressive EVs to date. We can’t wait to see it in the flesh.