Porsche Taycan

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BMW i4 M50 Takes on Base-Spec Porsche Taycan in Autocar Test

This test is an interesting one because the two cars aren’t exactly direct competitors. Even the base-spec Porsche Taycan is almost $20,000 more expensive than the top-of-the-line BMW i4 M50. However, the Taycan is a…

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Porsche launches an entry-level Taycan priced at $79,900

Following a teaser image published earlier this week, Porsche has officially unveiled a new base model for the Taycan lineup in the United States. As we predicted, the model in question is the rear-wheel-drive version…

2019 LA Auto Show: Porsche Taycan — A Living Legend in the Flesh

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Porsche Taycan — Live Photos from the 2019 IAA

As the first of many planned electric cars from Porsche, the Porsche Taycan marks a major turning point for the company known for their iconic sportscars. Originally dubbed “Mission E” when it was announced as…