The BMW G20 3 Series has been around for almost a year now and the new model has been well received. The G22 4 Series is bound to show up in 2020 and there’s already plenty of excitement around it. The new Coupe should breathe live into the sales of the 4 Series range, especially since it promises a daring design and latest tech. But there might be a change that not many will like.

According to sources, the new 4er could come without a manual gearbox. For the US, that’s almost certain at this point while non-US models are still being pondered. If there will be a manual on the books, it will only be available for entry-level versions of the G22 4 Series, like the 420d and 418d which will not make it stateside. Thus, European customers could get to enjoy changing their gears themselves.

The entry-level US model will be the 430i along with the all-wheel drive version, the 430i xDrive. There will also be an M Performance model on the books, in the shape of the M440i xDrive, with the same specs as the M340i xDrive. That’s 382 HP and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque to have fun with. We still don’t know whether BMW will offer a rear-wheel drive for the M340i M Performance model.

The new 4 Series is set to launch in July 2020 and along with a large kidney grille at the front, it will also bring a stylish coupe line and a different rear-end to further differentiates itself from the 3 Series. It will also get all the new tech the 3 Series has on board and a similar interior design. Chances are the new G22 4 Series will also be a better handling car and, of course, the enthusiasts’ choice when it comes to driving pleasure.

We expect the US market to start receiving their first models in the second half of 2020.