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BMW M Boss Pledges To Keep The Manual Gearbox Alive

Say what you will about some of BMW’s latest decisions, but it still gets some things right. One of them is the M division’s stubbornness to keep the manual gearbox alive in a digital era….

Video: Manual BMW M3 and M4 Launch Control explained

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Manual MINI Models to Be Temporarily Pulled from Sale in the US

Manual gearboxes are definitely not the best-sellers they used to be some time ago. The evolution of automatic transmissions, making them the more efficient, faster, sharper choice meant changing gears yourself would inevitably become obsolete….

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BMW R&D Boss Confirms Manual, AWD for Upcoming M4

The LA Auto Show is calming down now and company officials from every car maker present are giving rather interesting interviews. One of the most interesting ones comes from Road & Track, the publication sitting…